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Our goal is to amazing pork, naturally without hormones,  or antibiotics at a price that is affordable for all!


Nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains we raise Tamworth and Tamworth cross pigs along.


Our philosophy is far from the 'factory farms' where much of America's pork is grown.  Our pigs are free to roam among the pines, oaks and hemlocks.  They bed down where they want....whether under the stars or under a shelter, but they always have the option to plop down on a big pile of hay. They don't get hormones or antibiotics but they do get a daily dose of whey, brewers grain, hay and vegetables.  PIGS/PORK


We never want to run out of things to do so we also cut lumber with our WoodMizer LT40HD25 portable sawmill and sometime soon, we hope to start the apiary.












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