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Rough Sawn Pine, Hemlock and Hardwoods.


Every winter we do a small amount of logging and crank up our WoodMizer LT40HD25 Sawmill.  Since purchasing the mill in 1996 I have cut more than 1,000,000 bdft of lumber


Looking for some large beams?  We saw up to 20'6" long and can also saw wide pine boards.  We usually have a nice supply of pine and hemlock beams that have been cut, stickered, covered and allowed to dry.  We also have a nice supply of 'flitch sawn' hardwoods....most are 4/4" thick.


Refurbishing an old structure?  Need an unusual sized beam? Give CherryRail Farm a try! 








The beams in the picture have been sawn oversized.  Every piece of wood has a different moisture content and will therefore shink at a different rate.  If we want a true 12"x10" beam we initially cut it at 13"x11".  Allow it to dry for 2 years and put it back on the mill to true it up to it's desired 12"x10"

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