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Pig Roasts!   Cook'em low and slow!!!!


What makes mouth watering pork?

Start with our Heritage breeds, add award winning blood lines, raise the pig on pasture and treat the animals humanely.  Next feed them whey, grain and vegetables and you have the beginnings of some amazing pork. 

What's next? Slow roast the pig over charcoal and wood...and we mean SLOW.  We keep our cooker around 210 degrees  The entire time the pig is cooking it is immersed in hickory smoke.  By cooking at a low temperature for a long period of time the collagen in the meat is broken down rendering the tender, melt in your mouth pork you and your guests will be raving about.  We have been cooking pigs for over 15 years and understand how to raise and cook the juiciest, mouth-watering pork you have  ever tasted. 

CherryRail Farm offers many options for your special event. 

1. Ask us to cook one of our heritage raised pigs.  We arrive at your site with a fully cooked mouth watering pig.  We pull the pork and prepare it for your guests.  You do nothing but enjoy your event.  (We can also offer amazing sides to go with you pork!!)


2.  Ask us to cook one of our heritage raised pigs and you can either pick up the pig here at the farm or we can deliver it to your site.


 3. Purchase one of our pigs, rent one of our roasters and cook it yourself....we will show you how. 


4.  Rent one of our roasters and cook your own pig.


Give Jim a call to discuss your needs at - (802) 318-2763.


Our roaster uses charcoal.  If you are doing it yourself, you supply the charcoal, but we will supply you with some hickory to add to the charcoal for that wonderful smoke.  


How long does it take to cook a pig? Well that depends on the size of the pig.  If you are cooking a large pig you will need 60+ lbs. of charcoal.  Lay some damp hickory wood within the charcoal, sprinkle lighter fluid at one end of the charcoal and light.   It will burn for 20 hours + slowly roasting that pig in his own juices.  


Roaster rental is $45 if you purchase a pig from CherryRail Farm.    It requires a  17/8' ball on your trailer hitch.


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