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Whole Pigs For Your Freezer!


We have pasture- raised pigs that deserve a place in your freezer!


Interested in some of the best pork you will ever taste?

Do you want to know where your meat comes from?

Do you want to be assured that the animal was treated humanely?

Interested in supporting local farms?


CherryRail Farm is the answer to all those questions…..and at a reasonable price.


We are taking orders for 2018 butcher dates.  By filling out our ‘cutting sheet’ you are determining how you want your pig processed.  Then all you do is wait for the call from CherryRail Farm and we arrange a time for you to pick up your packaged, frozen pork.


All our pigs are raised naturally with no growth hormones or antibiotics.  Most nights our pigs sleep out under the stars….but they do have the option to go into a shelter.  They spend their days munching on hay, slurping whey, chomping on brewer’s grain from 3 local brewery’s, sorting through vegetables and foraging in the woods for acorns or whatever delicacies they can find.


For this locally raised pork you pay $2.78/lb for a whole pig, $3.18/lb for 1/2 a pig (dressed) hanging weight and pay for butchering and processing.


Butchering is $60 for all pigs dressing under 200lbs  and we strive to have all our pigs dress out around 180-200lbs.


White Freezer Wrapped is:          $.78/lb


Shrink Wrapped is:                         $.80/lb


Smoking is extra                              $1.35/lb


Sausage linked is extra (25lb. min)  $1.75/lb.


So if your pig dresses at 200lbs and you want it shrink wrapped:

200lbs x $2.78=$556 then add $60 for butchering and $0.80/lb for cutting and wrapping    = $776

(The actual meat is around 75% of the dressed weight)


Simply fill out our                                    and with a $50 deposit one of our 'feeder pigs' will have your name on it.  We make butchering reservations several months in advance and as soon as we have an opening for your pig, we will contact you with an estimated date of delivery/pickup.


Our next butcher date is May 2017.


By clicking on the above 'Cutting Sheet' button it should download to your computer.  Please fill it out and send it back to:


Please send your $50.00 deposit

made out to:  Jim Westbrook


and send to:


CherryRail Farm

416 Meadowbrook Rd.

Brattleboro  VT  05301

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