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What's current at CherryRail Farm!


It's October 2018 and things have changed at CherryRail Farm.  My new email is ''.  I am out of the Shiitake Mushroom business. For some reason my logs haven't fruited all summer.  Not sure what happened but things are hopping with the increasing demand for our pork.  Just can't get the sows to pop out enough piglets.  Building some new shelters and making improvements to the whey delivery system.

Doing more and more pig roasts.   CherryRail Farm now has three custom made roasters and a new smoker for ribs, brisket or chicken.  I am happy to say we have numerous happy customers.  People love our slow cooked pork!

The farm store is open with all types of delicious pork and Grass Fed BEEF raised for CherryRail Farm by Dick Smith in Guilford VT.


Please spread the word about CherryRail Farm and thanks for checking in.



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