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Happy Pigs Means Great Tasting Meat!!


    - Do you want to know where your meat comes from?

    - Do you want to know what the animal was fed?

    - Do you want to be assured that the animal was treated humanely?

    - Do you want the best tasting pork you have ever had?


The pigs at CherryRail Farm are pastured among the oaks, pines and hemlocks of Southeastern Vermont.  We raise Tamworth and Tamworth cross pigs.  They spend their days munching on hay, slurping up whey, chomping on brewers grain from 3 local brewery's, crunching on vegetables and occasionally they get a pile of commercial grain.  At night they choose to either sleep under the stars on mountains of hay or retreat to the confines of a shelter.  If the pigs want to vary their diet they can meander among the pines and oaks and root for delicacies buried in the woods.


We have no piglets for sale! 


*  We sell   WHOLE  PIGS   butchered, cut, wrapped and ready

    for your freezer.  (click on WHOLE PIGS to learn more)


   Looking for some amazing pork for your freezer?  Year

   round we raise pastured pork.  It's simple, you tell us how

   you want it cut and wrapped, we arrange a time to get you

   your pork.


*  We offer   PIG ROASTS       (click on PIG ROASTS to learn more)                       

    We offer pigs for roasting and have a

    custom smoker that you can rent if you want to roast your own.

    Don't want to deal with the roasting?  Just want someone to pull up

    to your gathering with a slow-roasted, hickory smoked pig cooked

    and ready to be served....we can do that. 



To the upper left is FRED our oldest Purebred Tamworth boar.  Born in April of 2014.  He is getting a drink of fresh out of the tank.  You also see one of our purebred tamworth gilts born fall of 2014 and some feeder pigs who buried themselves in some brewers grain.

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